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Swiss Milling Day at Ballenberg

28.05.2022, Hofstetten b. Brienz

The Ballenberg mills will be working full out.

Mills are an impressive testimony to man’s inventiveness, and represent an important feature of technical development. A Swiss Mills Day is organized every year in order to demonstrate the importance of these cultural assets. The Ballenberg mills will also be in action: the water-driven saw mill from Rafz, Zurich (691) and the two Valais mills from Naters, Valais (1122) and Törbel, Valais (1121).

Information about the event

Date / Period

  • 28.05.2022
    10:00 - 17:00

Meeting point / Venue

Ballenberg, Freilichtmuseum der Schweiz
Museumsstrasse 100
3858 Hofstetten b. Brienz


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