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Detective Trail

Welcome to the Detective Trail Mürren. We are thrilled that you are joining us on an adventure full of riddles and mystery.

A product of the Jungfrau Region in cooperation with Mürren Tourism and Jungfrau Railways.

Start: Grütschalp (The Grütschalp can be reached by cable car (BLM) from Lauterbrunnen. First drive from Lauterbrunnen at 06:13 AM. Timetable at

End: Alpines Sportzentrum Mürren (last trip  Mürren–Grütschalp–Lauterbrunnen 7:58 PM  from Mürren, alternate return via Stechelberg  (see schedule)

Solve the mystery, find the treasure and get your little instant prize. Go to the starting point for the treasure hunt (Start). The first mystery is waiting for you there. Then follow the directions for the path. You will be directed to various posts along the route where new mysteries await you and you solve them based on the clues left at each location.  A treasure chest is waiting at the end of the trail. The code for opening the treasure chest is put together from the solutions of the individual mysteries. If the treasure chest opens you can take the instant prize inside (as many prizes as participants).

Detektiv Trail

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