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Fixed climbing route Tälli

The first fixed climbing route in Switzerland which is secured with cables, ladders and other climbing aids.

From Fuhren on the Susten Pass road you can hike 1.5 h through forests and across alpine meadows to the Tälli hut or a ride up on the Tälli aerial cable car takes you directly to the Tälli hut. (Please note that it is forbidden to drive up the Birchlaui road). The climb up to the route starts at the Tälli hut. The climb to the top takes around 4 h. Return can be done either by a 3 hour hike back to Engstlenalp or a 4 hour hike back to the Tälli hut via Sätteli.

Difference in altitude is 600 m, 1.3 km of guide cables, 78 ladders and 550 metal rods have been installed along the way to assist climbers. The climb and descent are signalled in blue/white. Requirements: sure footedness, a good level of fitness and you must be able to cope with heights. This is a climb of medium difficulty.

Accessible from late May to mid-October

  • Starting point: Tälli hut (reachable via Tälli aerial cable car or in a 1.5 h hike from Fuhren)
  • Ascent: 4 h via the fixed climbing route
  • Descent: 4 h via Sätteli back the Tälli hut or 3 h to Engstlenalp
  • Altitude: 1200 m
  • Difficulty: T5 exigent alpine hike trail (white-blue marked)
  • Equipment: climbing harness, kit for fixed climbing routes, helmet (you can rent this equipment in the Tälli hut on pre-reservation), gloves

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