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Gross Fiescherhorn 4'048 m.a.s.l.

Gross Fiescherhorn

4'048 metres above sea level

The highest peak of the three Fiescherhörner

From Grindelwald, the steep north face of the Fiescherhorn looks impressive and somewhat remote. The ascent over the Walchergrat ridge is fantastic  when you reach the top, all other 4000m peaks greet you and you can already choose which one you'll tour to next.

This summit is quite often visited either from the Mönchsjoch or from the Finsteraarhorn hut. The Gross Fiescherhorn was first climbed on July 23rd 1862 by two Englishmen and two mountain guides from Grindelwald. All four also were part of a larger rope team that had crossed the Jungfraujoch for the first time from the north a few days earlier.

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