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Gross Grünhorn 4'043 m.a.s.l.

Gross Grünhorn

4'043 metres above sea level

Not green at all

Because up here on 4'043m there are no plants growing. «Grün» means green in German – as you might have guessed. The mountain's name comes from the greenish amphibolite rock of which it consists. The particularly firm rock also offers a few difficult climbing passages on the way to the summit.

Like an island, the beautiful lookout peak stands in the middle of the Bernese Alps. The Gross Grünhorn is invisible from the valley and is considered to be an unknown 4000m peak. In summer the normal route leads from the Konkordia hut over the Grünegghorn mountain. An ascent with beautiful and interesting passages, such as the approach over the Grüneggfirn or the ascent through a steep snow culoir to the western slope of the Grünegghorn.

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