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Fishing in the Haslital

Enormous diversity in the smallest of spaces

Haslital Tourismus
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The Haslital is a fishing region of enormous diversity in a very small area. From the large alpine lakes of Thun and Brienz to high alpine spring creeks and wildly rushing mountain rivers to hidden mountain lakes, everything can be found in the Haslital. Every fisherman's heart beats faster here!

While the alpine lakes are primarily home to native lake trout and whitefish, but also beautiful stocks of pike and perch, the cold and oxygen-rich high mountain lakes are mainly home to Canadian Arctic char (Namaycush). Many high-mountain lakes have excellent stocks of brook trout, brown trout and rainbow trout, as well as the occasional native Arctic char. The beauty of the flowing waters makes the hearts of fly fishers beat faster. The crystal-clear water allows first-class dry fishing on sight! Natural brown trout, colourful brook trout and, at lower altitudes, the occasional aeschen, cavort in the pools.

The fishing law of the Canton of Berne recognises three different fishing rights

1. Free fishing rights:

You may fish from the shore of Lakes Brienz and Thun without a licence using a single rod and a single line (no treble hooks). In doing so, urgently observe the animal protection law in force in Switzerland, which prohibits the use of barbed hooks! All other waters are subject to patents!

2. The cantonal patent

Holders of a cantonal patent (daily or weekly pass) are entitled to fish in the waters listed in the patent. In the Haslital these are the following mountain lakes and watercourses: -Engstlensee - Gelmersee - Mattenalpsee - Räterichsbodensee - Brienzersee - Aare* - Reichenbach* - Urbach* *These waters may only be fished on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

3. Privately leased waters

In order to protect these naturally managed mountain streams from overfishing, day tickets - only in limited numbers - are available from the Reichenbach Lodge in Meiringen ( Early reservation of the corresponding licences for private leased waters is therefore recommended.

Sales points for cantonal fishing licences

- Tourist Center Grimseltor, Tel. +41 33 982 26 60
- Reichenbach Lodge, Tel. +41 33 971 22 59
- Hotel Engstlenalp, Tel. +41 33 975 13 61
- Brienz Tourismus, Tel. +41 33 952 80 88

Fishing supplies

Bühler Spielwaren/Haushalt
Bahnhofstrasse 13,
3860 Meiringen

Patentausgabe, Fischereibedarf, Guidings & Kurse:

Reichenbach Lodge
3860 Meiringen
Tel. +41 33 971 22 59,


Fisheries Inspectorate

Haslital Tourismus
Bahnhofplatz 12
CH - 3860   Meiringen
+41 33 972 50 50

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