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Haslital Tourismus
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CH - 3860   Meiringen
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Panoramic Ride

Underway with the Post bus: Framed by steep cliffs and snow-topped mountains, the post bus winds its way through thick forests and across lush alpine meadows on its way up the Rosenlaui valley. From time to time all eyes are drawn to the wild Reichenbach river. Traditional alpine huts, cheese-storage huts and grazing cows bear witness to flourishing alpine agriculture in harmony with nature. All these impressions make the comfortable post bus ride a real experience!

The Power of Water

Rosenlaui Glacier Gorge, Schwarzwaldalp Sawmill and Reichenbach funicular: Thundering waterfalls, mystical grottos, bizzare cliff formations: over thousands of years, water from the glaciers have formed, and continue to form, a fantastic work of art. The irrepressible power of water fascinates, awakens the slumbering philosopher and purges the soul. The hike through the Rosenlaui Glacier Gorge is a refreshing natural experience in the midst of magnificent mountains.

Further up the valley things go at a more leisurely pace - the Pfannibach flows along the century old water channel to the sawmill at Schwarzwaldalp. The inherent power of this quietly flowing stream is only apparant when you enter the sawmill and see the saw-blade precisely cutting huge tree trunks - trees which have defied countless storms over hundreds of years. The tour of the sawmill at Schwarzwaldalp is interesting, informative and impressive all at once.

Catering in the Rosenlaui Valley

Much has changed since Goethe hiked through the picturesque Rosenlaui Valley. Unchanged, however, is the pleasure of a hearty meal consisting of local products. The Hotel Rosenlaui, the Chalet-Hotel Schwarzwaldalp, the Restaurant Grosse Scheidegg, the Restaurant Schluchthüttli or the Gasthaus Zwirgi will serve you a hearty «Goethe platter».


Adults CHF 60.– / ½-fare card CHF 44.–


• Meiringen–Schwarzwaldalp return
or Meiringen–Grosse Scheidegg –Grindelwald one way
or Grindelwald–Grosse Scheidegg– Meiringen on way
• Reichenbach Waterfall funicular
• Entrance Glacier Gorge Rosenlaui
• Entrance old sawmill Schwarzwaldalp
• A simple lunch with local products in one of five restaurants on the way

Offer valid from 31 May to 31 October 2022.

Tickets can be obtained in the post buses.

Wanderkarte Rosenlaui (pdf, 6 MB)

Haslital Tourismus
Bahnhofplatz 12
CH - 3860   Meiringen
+41 33 972 50 50

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