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The Velogemel vehicle


In the years 1910 - 1911 Christian Bühlmann invented the bicycle sledge. For the frame he used ash wood, for the skid mount, handlebars and saddle he used maple. Two blacksmiths from Grindelwald produced the runners.

On April 1, 1911, the Grindelwald sagacious Christian Bühlmann entered the Federal Office of Intellectual Property in Bern to apply for a patent for his "bicycle-like wooden sledge". He presented the officials with the exact plan for his "single-track steerable sports sledge".

In the past, the Velogemel served the postman well on his tours, the doctor used it when visiting the sick, the farmer did his shopping with the Velogemel and the children drove to school with it. Nowadays, the Velogemel is mainly used as a sports and recreational device, some locals still use it to go shopping in the village and children use it to get to school.

Nowhere else in Switzerland are velogemel used. As a unique product they are sold all over the world. Buyers are Australians, Japanese, Americans, New Zealanders and simply lovers of the velogemel.

From time to time, velogemel races took place - and nowadays they are enjoying increasing popularity again.

The choice of route not only includes sloping roads, but also flat stretches. Especially on these sections, the Velogemel proves to be a useful and energy-saving means of transport, if the appropriate "scooter technique" is mastered.

On the occasion of the "850 years Grindelwald" anniversary, a "World Championship" was even held for the first time in January 1996.

After all, this race through the village street, which was not only organized with simple earnestness, became truly international thanks to German, Dutch, French and Japanese participation, but the title of world champion was won by Hänsel Brunner, a local, not unexpectedly.

This "world championship" has already become a fixed part of the winter programme.

Velogemelfahrer have the opportunity to start at all the sledge races that are held in the valley, where a separate category is always reserved for these vehicles. Experience has shown that, with the appropriate driving skills, the local sleds can keep up with the speed of the local sleds, but not in comparison with today's sport sleds, the serially produced competition equipment.

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