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A Day On The Pfingstegg - 6 Things To Do

Jungfrau Region's Blogbuster Series / Nr. 32

This little gondola's really something, the attention is still paid to details here. In less than 5 minutes you are up from Grindelwald to Alp Pfingstegg, which offers a beautiful view over the valley of Grindelwald.

#1 Start the day with action

After the gondola ride to the mountain station, it's straight to the point! The toboggan run is the perfect start into the day and after that you will be awake for sure. For just CHF 6 (children CHF 4), you can ride 350m down the alpine meadows of the Pfingstegg.

#2 Coffee break always works

After one or more rides on the toboggan run you should be awake now, but still, a coffee break always works. The best place is on the large terrace of the Pfingstegg mountain restaurant where you can enjoy the sun.

#3 A ride with the Fly line

A small «cute» track - perfect for digesting coffee and cake. For CHF 12 (children CHF 8) the railway lets you roll through the forest at a comfortable speed from just 8-12 km/h. Just sit back and enjoy 2.5 minutes of nature.

#4 Grilled Cervelat

What would be a trip in the Swiss mountains without grilling a cervelat (or something else) over the fire? This is best done at the beautiful fireplace, which is only a short walk away from the mountain station.

#5 A quick visit to the Bäregghütte

For all those who are still looking for a little exercise, after lunch we set off on the hike to the Bäregghütte. The 2.6 km long trail winds leisurely from Pfingstegg across open meadows and through coniferous forest towards the glacier. As soon as you leave the forest, the steep ascent to the hut begins. If you still have energy left, after a short stop you can make the 1.5 hour walk back to the mountain station Pfingstegg. Alternatively, you can stay overnight in the Bäregghütte.

#6 Sky Dinner

Let the evening come to an end exclusively at the Sky Dinner, a 2.5-hour highlight. Aperitif and dessert are served in the valley station, but you can enjoy the main course while floating in the air in a wonderfully decorated gondola. The Sky Dinner must be booked in advance, a maximum of 8 people can attend the dinner.

Photo #4: Kevin Oetiker on Unsplash

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