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Skanimus Live @ Sherlock Club

23.11.2023, Meiringen


Skanimus is an experiment that has escaped from a secret laboratory in the Swiss mountains.
Experiment and is considered highly contagious.
The experiment was originally launched with the goal of breeding a robust cross between English, French, Jamaican and
Dutch ska that could be used as a kind of acoustic alpenglow to boost tourism.
tourism as a kind of acoustic alpenglow. Emissions from the experiment, audible on various occasions in the village, led to threats from the local Committee for Acoustic Heritage Protection,
Skanimus to be banned because of its alien, possibly invasive roots. In response
Skanimus broke free from the lab nonviolently with the intention of contacting and

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Information about the event

Date / Period

  • 23.11.2023 - 21.10.2024
    Th : 21:00 - 23:00

Price Information

Collection/Free admission

Meeting point / Venue

Sherlock Club
Alpbachstrasse 11
3860 Meiringen


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