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Velogemel World Championship, Grindelwald
09.02.2020 - 09.02.2020, Grindelwald

Bussalp, above Grindelwald. Access with bus from the Grindelwald station (40 min.)

Bussalp Oberläger (in case of bad weather the course changes)

12.00 p.m. startintervall 30 seconds

Sign in:
The order of the sign in's will also define who starts first.

Rating of the category single:
All participants will be rated in the single competition. 3 single participants can sign as a team. The winners of the category men and women will be world champions.

Rating of teams:
The team who was the smallest total time wins the team competition.

Who has no Velogemel for the course can rent or buy one:
- train station Grindelwald, +41 33 828 75 40
- Intersport Rent Network, +41 33 282 75 58
- Holzkreation Schmid AG, +41 33 854 10 70

Information about the event

Date / Period

  • 09.02.2020
    10:00 - 16:00

Meeting point / Venue

3818 Grindelwald


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