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The tour starts with a comfortable gondola ride to the mountain station First. The first few metres of the runway and the winter hiking trail lead to the Hohwald ironing lift. The ascent begins at the Oberläger. The first section leads eastwards in a rather flat and open terrain. There is a good chance that you will be watched by several chamois. Please keep enough distance to the animals. After the snow-covered stream bed is over, you will soon reach the key point of the ascent. After this steep step you can already see the summit. However, this is still about 400 meters above you. A number of mountains will accompany you on this final climb. In the eastern direction the angelic horns and even the Titlis appear. In the south stands the distinctive Wetterhorn and Schreckhorn. On the summit you will be rewarded with a great panorama. It is almost impossible to describe it; experiencing it yourself is the motto. Remember to sign the summit book.

The descent leads along the ascent route to the Stepfi slope. Either you continue to Hotel Wetterhorn, spend the rest of the day in the ski area or take another tour to the top. Gemsberg is exposed to the south. Start early in spring to drive in perfect slushy snow.


Starting point:
Mountain station First

End point:
Hotel Wetterhorn


The tour is suitable for skiers and snowboarders (splitboard or snowshoes)

The tour is located in the game reserve. Please follow the route shown on the map. The animals are very grateful to you.

For detailed information, check out the SAC ski tour guide Berneroberland Ost (number 361a).


If required, the tours can also be accompanied by grindelwaldSPORTS.

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