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Birg (Schilthorn)

2'677 meters above sea level

Schilthornbahn AG
Lengwald 301
CH - 3824   Stechelberg
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Thrill around the station Birg

The Birg station is proudly situated on the rocky massif, 1000 m above Mürren.
Birg is the middle station of the cable car between Mürren and Schilthorn. This station provides a lot of adrenalin, because there are various exposed attractions. It is definitely worth making a stop on the way to the Schilthorn to discover these sights.

In summer, the main attraction is the Thrill Walk, where you can see a lot of people shooting selfies on the skkyline platform.
In winter the Birg is a central point of the ski area. Many people start their skiing day here and let it end with the last rays of sunshine and a hot drink on the terrace.

The bistro with a large sun terrace and two attractions with a great view of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau await you here.

Thrill Walk

Starting at the Birg terrace, the THRILL WALK leads down to the vertical walls of the imposing rock massif. The 200-metre-long steel structure clings to the rocks before swerving under the observation platform and cableway and ending below the cableway station. The cliff walkway has a variety of sections, providing a heady interplay of air, reinforced glass and steel grating. Around 20 metres of glass-bottomed floor are followed by 7.5 metres of cattle grid-like elements. A 9-metre-long Nepalstyle rope bridge and an 8-metre-long crawl-through tunnel especially for kids (brave adults might want to have a go too!) have also been installed.

Swiss Skyline

Start with a visit to the observation deck SKYLINE WALK: It takes you over the vertical abyss, provides an incredible panorama and views into the void! The SKYLINE WALK platform extends from the current Birg terrace. Constructed from steel and glass with a grated floor, the square design blends seamlessly into the landscape around the exposed Birg station and the irregular rocky landscape.

Bistro Birg

The bistro has a terrace that is larger than the interior. Why? Because it is simply nicer outside.
Everything from drinks to hot and cold food is offered. You can find more about this in the detail site.

Opening hours

The Schilthorn lifts are in operation almost all year round and so is this middle station.
Only in spring and autumn is there a short break during which maintenance work is carried out.

The Thrill Walk is, like all other offers, open all year round.

The gondolas to the Schilthorn and to Mürren run every half hour.


The use of the Thrill Walk and the platform is free of charge.

The journey to Mürren is within the validity range of the SBB General Abonnement. From Mürren, custs are incurred.
We recommend the trip up to the Schilthorn. This includes a visit to Birg.

Children and persons with a Half-Fare Card, GA, Swiss Travel Pass, Eurail or Interrail benefit from reduced prices.
There are also special discounts for groups.

All prices can be found on the Schilthorn Cableways website.


Birg lies above Mürren at 2'677 metres above sea level and is easiest to reach by cable car.
In winter the Riggli chairlift also takes you up to Birg.
In summer the station is also situated along a hiking trail.

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Birg Schilthorn
Birg Schilthorn

Schilthornbahn AG
Lengwald 301
CH - 3824   Stechelberg
+41 33 826 00 07

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