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Rappelling a waterfall

Conquer the waterfall

Mattenstrasse 25
CH - 3600   Thun
+41 79 503 50 80

An absolute thrill in the outdoors

Dare to take on the waterfall! Safely under the supervision of mountain guides from the BERGFALKE alpine training centre. You and your team work together to conquer the waterfall. One waterfall, one rope, a lot of courage and a huge dose of adrenaline. Professional guides ensure your safety.

...followed by a leisurely meal in the nearby mountain restaurant - a fitting reward for the day's endeavours.

And if you'd rather just watch from the sidelines, our garden restaurant is the perfect vantage point!

Approximately 3 hours (depending on the number of participants)

You don't need any special knowledge about mountaineering.

All you need are comfortable outdoor clothes and hiking shoes (your clothes may get wet!). We'll bring the rest.

Let us help you choose from the countless possibilities that await! Cheese lovers can indulge in the decadence of fondue or raclette made from the finest alpine cheese. Or satisfy your hunger at a hearty farmer's buffet.

Costs CHF 80.00

Season June – October

Location Alpine center Sustenpass / Steingletscher

Mattenstrasse 25
CH - 3600   Thun
+41 79 503 50 80

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