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Short but mighty - a trail for beginners, advanced and professionals.

Mürren Tourismus
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Made for the senses: your eyes enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery, your nose breathes in the pure mountain air - and under your feet you feel the forest floor. After a short descent towards the BLM railway station, you walk along the track for a short while before the actual trail begins shortly after the Hotel Alpenblick on the left. The beautiful ascent leads through the forest to Mittelberg, where you absolutely have to take a short breather - if only for the view of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. Then turn left. Once again, the trail leads through the forest and up to Chänelegg. Here, in the peace and quiet of nature, you have a beautiful view of Mürren. After a short flow trail, you head back down towards Allmiboden. About 150 m after the bottom station, a trail leads away to the right onto the upper Panorama trail. Follow this trail to the big barn, where you turn left onto the lower Panorama trail. The descent leads back to the starting point. Destination reached!

1 hour, 34 minutes
205 vm
212 vm
Starting Point
Alpines Sportzentrum Mürren
Ending Point
Alpines Sportzentrum Mürren


Recommended season
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Author Tips

Take a stuff sack with you in autumn, there are lots of mushrooms and berries on the way.


Good trail shoes

Safety Guidelines

Take care when descending from the Chänelegg. There is a risk of slipping in wet conditions.


Starting Point

Alpines Sportzentrum Mürren

Koordinates :

Geographic 46.562596 N 7.89628 E

Ending Point

Alpines Sportzentrum Mürren

Getting There

Public transport

Thanks to its central location in Europe, Switzerland is served by international trains from over 12 countries. Within Switzerland, Intercity trains run from Basel and Lucerne directly to the Jungfrau Region. Travellers from Zurich change trains in Bern. The trains run every half hour.

From Interlaken Ost station we reach Mürren in one hour. The blue and yellow train of the Berner Oberland Bahn (BOB) takes us to Lauterbrunnen. We board the front part of the train, as the rear part leaves from Zweilütschinen for Grindelwald. Afterwards we have two options. Via Grütschalp (gondola and train): At Lauterbrunnen station we cross the road and take the gondola to Grütschalp. Here we change to a small train which takes us to Mürren. The journey from Lauterbrunnen to Mürren takes 23 minutes. Or via Stechelberg (bus and gondola): In Lauterbrunnen we take the bus to Stechelberg and ride to the Schilthornbahn station. Here the gondola takes us via Gimmelwald to Mürren in 10 minutes. It takes 32 minutes to cover this distance.

Timetable & Ticket Shop SBB

Getting there

From Basel and Geneva, the fastest route to the Jungfrau Region is via Bern. From Zurich, the route via Lucerne and the Brünig Pass is recommended. The pass is open all year round.

From the south, travel to the Jungfrau Region via the Grimsel or Susten Pass. Both passes are only open in summer. An alternative is the Simplon Pass with subsequent car transport through the Lötschberg tunnel.

Mürren is car-free. If we arrive by car, we have to leave it in Lauterbrunnen or Stechelberg and use public transport. The journey from Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen takes about 20 minutes, to Stechelberg it is 25 minutes.

Arrival Lauterbrunnen


In Stechelberg there is a car park directly at the valley station of the Schilthorn cable car. There is a multi-storey car park below the station in Lauterbrunnen. Alternatively, the car park at the Lauterbrunnen church can be used. From here, a bus leaves for the station every half hour. On foot it takes about 10 minutes.

Stechelberg car park 

Lauterbrunnen multi-storey car park

A covered passage leads from the Lauterbrunnen car park to the cable cars in Mürren. The car park in Stechelberg is not covered.

Mürren Tourismus
CH - 3825 Mürren
+41 33 856 86 86

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