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4 Reasons To Explore The Jungfrau Region By Bike

Jungfrau Region's Blogbuster Series / Nr. 36

You don’t feel complete without two wheels under your feet? Your friends never see you without your better half – your bike? Congrats, you’re completely right here! Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, a visit with your bike to the Jungfrau Region should definitely be on your bucket list! Plan your Trip

#1 The coolest trails with the most impressive scenery 

The trails in the Jungfrau Region are unique, because you get the chance to bike in front of the famous triumvirate Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. Of course, the most impressions you get on a tour lasting several days, for example with the Jungfrau Loop through the entire Jungfrau Region.

#2 Hit the trails with the locals 

Sure, you can just drive spontaneously and looking for a bike trail. But if you want to ride down the most exciting and special trails with great panorama spots, there is one rule: Trust the locals. No matter if you are looking for the most beautiful spot, the steepest trail or if you want to improve your technique, the local bike guides will help you. 

#3 Drive a little easier over the mountain 

Biking can be quite exhausting. A little more relaxed but still sporty kind of biking is to take the E-MTB. With the E-MTB you will be a bit faster and so you can see more of the Jungfrau Region. Maybee on the Eiger E-MTB Loop, which leads from the glacier of the Biker Village, Grindelwald to Lake Brienz and back again. 

#4 Spend the night where bikers live 

Our bikers are also hotel managers – there are several bike hotels in the Jungfrau Region. So, it's both a host and a biker who shape your holiday stay. 

...and last but not least all the important rules for a risk-free and exciting bike tour. Stay safe! 

  • Only ride on existing paths 
  • Be considerate and allow others right of way 
  • Be considerate of animals 
  • Leave no traces behind 
  • Expect the unexpected 
  • Be on the safe side 

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