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5 Autumn Survival Tips

Jungfrau Region's Blogbuster Series / Nr. 46

Basically, there is something beautiful in every season - in Switzerland, we can experience all four of them every year. Either way, it is important to enjoy every moment. As long as the seasons still hold.  

Here are 5 tips that might help you to enjoy the autumn before it gets really cold again and soon beckons Christmas and the New Year:

#1 Fresh air

Go out as often as possible and enjoy the fresh air and nature, also recharge the vitamin D batteries properly. Don't be put off by the cold - it's a good opportunity to put on your favourite jacket or sweater. This is something you rarely get to do in summer.

#2 Books & tea

Admittedly a bit kitschy. But grabbing a book and a blanket and sitting somewhere outside and switching off - sounds like an almost perfect autumn day. Ideally on a nice hike... and equipped with fine tea from the thermos.

#3 Food

Don't worry, we are not nutrition gurus. But this much can be said: The windy, cold season demands earthy, juicy recipes that keep us warm and nourished. The most classic autumnal dish is of course pumpkin, with which you can create countless different recipes. But ginger is also extremely trendy and effectively a secret weapon, as it has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties - and is also good for the stomach.

#4 Changeover

The time of change to the shorter days and darker season stresses the body and makes it more susceptible to the flu and other complaints. Relaxing baths, foot baths and oiling/creaming can help here. Long walks in nature have a balancing effect and help to switch off and reorder one's thoughts.

#5 Leave leaves

Autumn is the right time to let go of things you don't want to take with you into the next season - just like the trees do with their leaves. Often in autumn, fears and worries can arise that make you feel uneasy. With a regular daily routine, a lot of rest in the evening and enough sleep you can counteract this.

So that we don't digress too deeply into the autumn melancholy, here is a cute dog picture:

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