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These 5 Benches Are Worth It

Jungfrau Region's Blogbuster Series / Nr. 37

You probably noticed it too, if you're not sick of it already. Everyone, I mean really EVERYONE, or so it seems, has fallen for the hiking hype this summer. Even the biggest sports hater goes hiking every Sunday now. You, on the other hand, can't (yet) quite understand this hype? We can help you with that! Because the best thing about a hike is usually the breathtaking panorama and even better is when you can enjoy it on a nice wooden bench. That's why we show you the five most beautiful benches in our region and maybe you'll even go on a hike to one of them this weekend?

#1 Bryndli, Mürren 

The best way to reach the Bryndli viewpoint is to hike to the Rotsotckhut. From Mürren, a slightly ascending goods road leads to Spielbodenalp. From here it is worth making a detour to the Waterfall Sprutz and then on the steep path up to Bryndli. Here we are about halfway to the Rotstockhut, so if you still haven't had enough, take a splendid high-level hike without any ascent to the Rotstockhut. To the hike

#2 Staubbachbench, Wengen 

If you don't want to take quite so much time, you can reach one of the most beautiful benches in the region in just 30 minutes. The best view of the Staubbach Falls, the landmarkof Lauterbrunnen, is probably from the Staubbachbench. A lot of view for little effort. To the hike

#3 Gibel, Hasliberg 

Or how about a view of Lake Brienz and Lake Lungern, for example? With this view, one is rewarded on the vantage point on the Gibel in the Haslital. From Käserstatt for the 2.5 hour hike up to the Gibel and then down over the Balisalp to Lischen, the middle station of Käserstatt. To the hike

#4 Bort, Grindelwald 

we make our way from Grindelwald First to one of the most beautiful benches in our region, we dare another detour to Bachalpsee. After a photo stop, we continue over the Waldspitz and through the forest to the Bort middle station, where we reach our destination and can relax after the 2.5 hour hike. To the hike

#5 Leiterhornbench, Wengen 

Another beautiful bench that can be reached on foot from Wengen, but is located at a certain height. From the village centre you walk via Ledi to the Hunnenfluh, where the actual altitude ascent begins. From here, the hike takes about 30 minutes through the forest to the Leiterhorn, where you are rewarded with a breathtaking view of the mountain range and the Lauterbrunnen valley. On the north side, you can enjoy an almost 700-metre vertical view of Zweilütschienen. We return via Ussri Allmi and Flielenboden to Wengen.

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