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No worries. On the signposted bike routes, the freeride routes in Lauterbrunnen, the various tours and of course on the passes we can really get pedalling. And we haven't even mentioned the mountain panorama. All inclusive. Biking is more than a sport – it's a way of life.

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Great trails.

Mountain biking is allowed on the hiking paths in the Jungfrau Region. But we do recommend that mountain bikers avoid a few sensitive and frequented paths between 10 am and 4 pm from July until October. This is to maintain the peaceful coexistence of hikers and bikers.

Bike Codex.

  • Wear protective equipment
  • Assess your ability correctly
  • Give way to hikers
  • Stay on the trail
  • Close pasture fences

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Our batteries can be charged for free.

We have our own Bosch e-bike charging stations for this. And yes, charging stations like this don't really serve a purpose without e-bikes. Luckily we still have our bike shops all over the entire region.

Meet the locals.

There are locals who are on the go with bikes here too. That's a fact. In addition to tips and tricks, they also show us the cool spots in the region.

Bike Guides
Hotel Lauberhorn

Hotel Lauberhorn, Grindewald.

Hotel Kirchbhl

Hotel & Apartments Kirchbühl, Grindelwald.

Caprice Sommer, Jungfrau Region

Hotel Caprice, Grindelwald.


Eiger Lodge, Grindelwald.


Spend the night where bikers live

Our bikers are also hotel managers. So it's both a host and a biker who shape your holiday stay.

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