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The path is the goal. Maybe that's what Hannibal thought when he hiked through the Alps with his war elephants – which really don't fit in here. He seems to have had fun. Scout's honour: the hikes in the Jungfrau Region are much more comfortable and are really no bold feat. With a panorama like this, the path has to be the goal. So, walking boots on and off we go.

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Famous hikers up on the Grosse Scheidegg.

The continents, countries and regions have already been discovered. At least that's what we think. Our region, too, of course. The Jungfrau Region was visited time and again by famous hikers such as Goethe, Mendelssohn, Lord Byron and all the rest. Why? Well, there are just amazing walks here. At the top of the list back then was the pass from Grindelwald into Haslital: the Grosse Scheidegg.

The true home of the Hobbit.

In 1911, the 19-year-old J.R.R. Tolkien hikes through the Swiss Alps – and of course through the Lauterbrunnen Valley with its steep rockfaces. Hardly anyone knows that he found his inspiration for the landscape in «Lord of the Rings» here.

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The lake is the goal.

If the path isn't enough as a goal, we can look for other, more specific targets. There are many. What about a lake? That really would make a good goal.

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